Uruguay’s Senate Approves National Marketplace For Legal Marijuana

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MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) — Uruguay’s Senate approved the world’s first national marketplace for legal marijuana Tuesday, an audacious and risky experiment that puts the government in charge of growing, selling and using a drug that is illegal almost everywhere else.

The vote was 16 to 13, with the governing Broad Front majority united in favor. The plan now awaits the signature of President Jose Mujica, who wants the market to begin operating next year.

Two-thirds of Uruguayans oppose a government-run marijuana industry, according to opinion polls. But Mujica said he’s convinced the global drug war is a failure and feels bureaucrats can do a better job of containing addictions and beating organized crime than police, soldiers and prison guards.

“Today is an historic day. Many countries of Latin America, and many governments, will take this law as an example,” cheered Sen. Constanza Moreira, voting with the Broad Front majority.


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Security Matters

security should be treated with uttermost urgency especially at a time like this when the country is facing serious threats from the militia groups.This is not the time for our security apparatus to start playing a blame game,its high time that they should take total charge of the country boarders and its lovely citizens.Its time for the country to sing one song of anti terrorism,so that the enemy can be ashamed with his deeds.

Heaven on earth

Much has been said about Africa ,but few of the theoris have been believed to be true,this is a home of more than one 160m people from very diverse backgrounds,they co-exist like brothers,they wake up when their brothers are in trouble,they give food to the need,indeed this i the he4aven we are talking a bout,finally brethren live together in harmony and may the almighty be with u now and forever more.


Some countries have modernized their political arena in Africa ,the system has been marred with a lot of irregularity which leaves a lot to be desired,when i was a young boy my ambition to join politics was bright than than the morning star,but today talk of politics next to me,the only place that will save my life will be the hospital bed.O MG your sons and daughters have been deprived their rights to elect leaders of their choice in Africa,where will their help come from?