Today i have had an opportunity to interact with one of the general managers of a big company,one thing that i have always wanted to ask is how one is expected to gain job experience and yet most companies require more than three years experience.Yes the opportunity presented itself and as an A African man i rose to the occasion and asked the bitter question that even our own local media has ignored for ages to highlight on instead being brain washed by the political temperatures rising in the country.The answer i got was a rude shock.He tried to convince me with shorty explanations which does not add up to getting even closer to my answer.I have been left stranded without an answer to my question.How many young and energetic men and women of this country have sacrificed and burned the midnight oil to study so that they become better people of tomorrow has they have always been promised.They have ended up tarmacking for ages without job opportunities.Why cant the government put on hold the graduation ceremonies so that it deals with those already graduated?Is the government aware that the young men and women who have graduated have already started the family way without light at the end of the tunnel?In conclusion who is to blame for lack of the relevant experience in your area of specialization?We are living in a country which depends on whom do u know in the corridors of power.Finally comrades you are lions in the wilderness,never say die,don’t lose hope remain steadfast in prayer and you will a achieve your dreams no matter where you come from