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The camapaign fever is back into our arenas once again.This time round not a bout party loyalty …….Many are crying in a corner for being forced to quit out of the race,reason being that they are from the party strong hold……yes fundamental if you wish to say so.Many dreams have been shuttered ….do you blame your backyard ……?oooooooooh my my my ……time will tell but for me wrong a dvice from the PR crew hhahahahhahhahaahha



Raila’s “spanner boy” tells ABABU NAMWAMBA to forget ODM Secretary General’s post and Move On!
Posted in: Opinion|February 2, 2014
Raila’s “spanner boy” tells ABABU NAMWAMBA to forget ODM Secretary General’s post and Move On!

Fading ODM political dreamer Raila Odinga has shown first signs that he does not reward loyalty. This has been given credence by a bold assertion by ODM’s new spanner boy Dikembe Disembe.

Dikembe, a spoilt brat whose candidature for ODM Secretary for Publicity and Information took a nosedive after meeting Raila today told Ababu Namwamba to prepare for a big loss or get out of ODM as Mwai Kibaki who was Namwamba’s sworn enemy is no longer in the political scene.

click here to read to Dikembe’s piece asking Nwambwa to accept defeat even before elections. The more things change the more they remain the same in the Odinga sect called ODM.

The crux of it is that Raila has endorsed Paul Otuoma for ODM Chairmanship. Both Otuoma and Namwamba hails from Busia County and cannot therefore occupy two senior positions in a party obsessed with projecting the shape of Kenya.

Also, the two politicians are Luhyas.

Coming at a time President Uhuru’s party, The National Alliance, has outpaced ODM as the most popular party despite the myriad challenges the government is facing, ODM is hungry for something to cling on.

According to this Raila’s mouthpiece, Odinga has apparently set his eyes on his old flame – Dr Agnes Zani. This view is qualified considering Raila’s own brother Oburu Oginga and sister Ruth Odinga have since thrown their combined weights on Dr Zani.

But sources reveal some other dark forces are uncomfortable with Dr Zani for obvious reasons.

For Ababu, may be he needs to seek that alliance with Jubilee and becoming something in 2017 and beyond, otherwise, he has already been hounded out of Odinga’s potential line-up for 2017.