Yes we have come a long way

VIP Retirees join long list of (PART-TIME) Job seekers in Uhuru government

They are VIPs. They should be retired. Some, like Raila Odinga, were ejected from politics by a show of numbers which shocked the world. Now they are back, what should we do?

They are opening all manner of developments in town. The other day, Raila Odinga was at JKIA, ‘helping’ President Uhuru to launch the the grand Greenfield terminal.

Days later, Odinga was at Makadara, opening (on behalf of our busy president), a new railway station.

In fact, though unrelated to physical development, retired Kibaki was at the University of Nairobi for the intellectual development days earlier.


As I write this (while sipping coffee, it is cold in Nairobi), 24 -year ruler, the greatest democrat of Kenya, Mtukufu Rais Daniel Arap Moi is at Imara Daima, launching another Railway station!

Again, Kibaki will open a road somewhere in Nairobi West before the weeks ends.

Kenya@50 is turning out to be a time for retirees. Political affiliation aside, political ideologies aside, political enmity aside; this is a great republic, a country of hardworking retirees.

Someone is whispering to me that Kalonzo is earmarked to open six cattle dips in Tseikuru. But as usual, he is not y


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