The price of fuel has gone down for the first time in the history of oil discovery,the middle east have made us friends so that we can re-evaluate our motor cars and bring those that slept long time ago back to our roads so that our boys in blue can have reason  to smile a after  the long day at the roundabout .



Today i have had an opportunity to interact with one of the general managers of a big company,one thing that i have always wanted to ask is how one is expected to gain job experience and yet most companies require more than three years experience.Yes the opportunity presented itself and as an A African man i rose to the occasion and asked the bitter question that even our own local media has ignored for ages to highlight on instead being brain washed by the political temperatures rising in the country.The answer i got was a rude shock.He tried to convince me with shorty explanations which does not add up to getting even closer to my answer.I have been left stranded without an answer to my question.How many young and energetic men and women of this country have sacrificed and burned the midnight oil to study so that they become better people of tomorrow has they have always been promised.They have ended up tarmacking for ages without job opportunities.Why cant the government put on hold the graduation ceremonies so that it deals with those already graduated?Is the government aware that the young men and women who have graduated have already started the family way without light at the end of the tunnel?In conclusion who is to blame for lack of the relevant experience in your area of specialization?We are living in a country which depends on whom do u know in the corridors of power.Finally comrades you are lions in the wilderness,never say die,don’t lose hope remain steadfast in prayer and you will a achieve your dreams no matter where you come from


Development Agenda

The camapaign fever is back into our arenas once again.This time round not a bout party loyalty …….Many are crying in a corner for being forced to quit out of the race,reason being that they are from the party strong hold……yes fundamental if you wish to say so.Many dreams have been shuttered ….do you blame your backyard ……?oooooooooh my my my ……time will tell but for me wrong a dvice from the PR crew hhahahahhahhahaahha


Raila’s “spanner boy” tells ABABU NAMWAMBA to forget ODM Secretary General’s post and Move On!
Posted in: Opinion|February 2, 2014
Raila’s “spanner boy” tells ABABU NAMWAMBA to forget ODM Secretary General’s post and Move On!

Fading ODM political dreamer Raila Odinga has shown first signs that he does not reward loyalty. This has been given credence by a bold assertion by ODM’s new spanner boy Dikembe Disembe.

Dikembe, a spoilt brat whose candidature for ODM Secretary for Publicity and Information took a nosedive after meeting Raila today told Ababu Namwamba to prepare for a big loss or get out of ODM as Mwai Kibaki who was Namwamba’s sworn enemy is no longer in the political scene.

click here to read to Dikembe’s piece asking Nwambwa to accept defeat even before elections. The more things change the more they remain the same in the Odinga sect called ODM.

The crux of it is that Raila has endorsed Paul Otuoma for ODM Chairmanship. Both Otuoma and Namwamba hails from Busia County and cannot therefore occupy two senior positions in a party obsessed with projecting the shape of Kenya.

Also, the two politicians are Luhyas.

Coming at a time President Uhuru’s party, The National Alliance, has outpaced ODM as the most popular party despite the myriad challenges the government is facing, ODM is hungry for something to cling on.

According to this Raila’s mouthpiece, Odinga has apparently set his eyes on his old flame – Dr Agnes Zani. This view is qualified considering Raila’s own brother Oburu Oginga and sister Ruth Odinga have since thrown their combined weights on Dr Zani.

But sources reveal some other dark forces are uncomfortable with Dr Zani for obvious reasons.

For Ababu, may be he needs to seek that alliance with Jubilee and becoming something in 2017 and beyond, otherwise, he has already been hounded out of Odinga’s potential line-up for 2017.

Kenyan President

Uhuru Arrives in South Africa for the Funeral Service of icon Mandela

President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa this evening to attend former South African President Nelson Mandela’s memorial service.

The memorial service for the South African anti-apartheid icon will be held on Tuesday at the FNB Stadium, ahead of his final send-off at his rural home in Qunu, Eastern Cape on December 15.

Over 50 world leaders, including US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, will also attend the memorial service to pay their last respect to one of the world’s greatest –Nelson Mandela. Following the large number of high profile dignitaries expected at the service, security is at its peak in South Africa.

In his condolence message to President Jacob Zuma and the people of South Africa on Friday, President Kenyatta described the former South African President as an exceptionally transformational leader who was gifted with unique, admirable abilities and strong values.


“He believed in the noble principles of equity, justice, cohesiveness and inclusiveness in governance. He had faith and confidence in the ability of his people to realize the dream of a free, united and prosperous South Africa,” President Kenyatta said.

The President said Mandela lived and worked for a world in which people should live together in peace and tranquility regardless of colour, race or religion.

He said the African patriarch’s strong belief in Africa and its people epitomized the best of the Pan-Africanism spirit.

“His courage to confront apartheid transcended across the world and propelled the fight against colonialism and discrimination,” President Kenyatta said.

The plane carrying the Kenyan Head of State and his delegation touched down at Waterkloof Military Airbase in Pretoria shortly after 9.00 p.m. South African time.

Yes we have come a long way

VIP Retirees join long list of (PART-TIME) Job seekers in Uhuru government

They are VIPs. They should be retired. Some, like Raila Odinga, were ejected from politics by a show of numbers which shocked the world. Now they are back, what should we do?

They are opening all manner of developments in town. The other day, Raila Odinga was at JKIA, ‘helping’ President Uhuru to launch the the grand Greenfield terminal.

Days later, Odinga was at Makadara, opening (on behalf of our busy president), a new railway station.

In fact, though unrelated to physical development, retired Kibaki was at the University of Nairobi for the intellectual development days earlier.


As I write this (while sipping coffee, it is cold in Nairobi), 24 -year ruler, the greatest democrat of Kenya, Mtukufu Rais Daniel Arap Moi is at Imara Daima, launching another Railway station!

Again, Kibaki will open a road somewhere in Nairobi West before the weeks ends.

Kenya@50 is turning out to be a time for retirees. Political affiliation aside, political ideologies aside, political enmity aside; this is a great republic, a country of hardworking retirees.

Someone is whispering to me that Kalonzo is earmarked to open six cattle dips in Tseikuru. But as usual, he is not y


Michelle was briefly ‘DUMPED’ in South Africa by Obama. . .she made a Million faces!

At the memorial service for Nelson Mandela today, Michelle Obama was photographed looking not amused with her husband and his friendly relationship with the blonde prime minister from Denmark, so much so that she may have switched seats with him. A lot of that is us reading and creating some magic presidential fan-fic, and part of it stems from people finding something fun from the very serious event.

Let’s be clear right now and say the faces Michelle  Obama makes — and whether  they’re directed at fair-haired PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt — was not the most important thing to happen at the Mandela service today (for more on that click here).  But it was kinda fun. That said, here’s our completely unscientific analysis and explainer on Gucci-Gate:

‘Gucci Helle’ a.k.a. Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Until today, many Americans probably did not know who Thorning-Schmidt is. She is, in fact, the prime minister of the majestic country of Denmark and has held that position since October 2011. According to the BBC, her gender wasn’t really harped on during her campaign or election season, but people seemed to notice that she had a taste for expensive things. The BBC explains:

While her gender may not have been hugely significant in the campaign, her stylish appearance and taste for designer clothes have come under fire as being inappropriate for the leader of a traditional workers’ party, earning her the nickname Gucci Helle.

Gucci Helle sounds like the name of Gucci Mane’s sister from a different mister, who may or may not walk around in mink coats. But, alas, Thorning-Schmidt does not appear to be a rapper.

The Selfie Shade

The first appearance of Ms. Obama’s apparent annoyance with Gucci Helle was captured when President Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron, and Thorning-Schmidt all took a selfie together (I do not share the beliefs of my misinformed colleague Philip Bump, this is a selfie):

AFP/Getty images

Michelle Obama is not making eye-contact here. But she could just have been paying attention to the memorial service, which is what our mothers have taught us all to do when you’re at a memorial service for one of the most respected men that has ever walked the earth.

Gucci Helle and President Obama’s Touchy-Feely Relationship

Fine, fine, maybe Michelle wasn’t throwing shade while three world leaders who command armies and people and things decided to act like 16-year-olds with their phones. But it’s a bit harder to explain the shade and side eye and not fun Michelle was having when Gucci was making jokes and petting her husband:


Michelle is looking annoyed there for very good reason — funeral programs, even in Mandela’s case, are not very interesting. Nor do they need to be explained. And it looks like that Gucci Helle is asking a question like, “So when are you speaking?” or “Who’s that guy?” or “What’s that guy’s name?”

Gucci Helle runs part of the world. So does Obama. There is nothing on that program that a woman who runs a country wouldn’t know the answer to. There is nothing on that program that Barack Obama wouldn’t know the answer to either.  It is not an instruction manual to the Malm Ikea bed, it is a program that you read that tells you what time and what people are speaking:


Michelle Obama knows this. Again:


At this point, Gucci or Obama may have said something funny. And both are now laughing or at least smiling politely. Again, Michelle Obama’s side eye here could be because she doesn’t think jokes are appropriate at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. Or she knows that nothing in a funeral program, or a joke about a funeral program, or a joke about a dignitary named in the program is that funny. Michelle still is not amused:


Despite these side eyes, Barack and Gucci kept whispering. It is perfectly reasonable to be annoyed when your significant other is whispering to someone when he or she is less than three feet away from you. Barack, why are you whispering? Stop whispering:


But maybe this is a funny joke about David Cameron? Anyways, that’s three or four shots of Michelle Obama looking mildly irritated that a lady is speaking or flirting with her husband. If this were done at a real-life party, Michelle Obama would have asked Barack to grab her a drink and then started conversation with Gucci Helle herself and put her body in between the Gucci and Barack — it’s a switcheroo or a bait and switch. A flirtation buffer of sorts.

After President Obama left, when Michelle Obama saw the opportunity to pull off the switch. Here’s Michelle cordially engaging Gucci, daring Gucci to test her Danish sense of humor on someone her own gender:


“I’m going to come closer. I can’t hear your meek Danish voice from over there,” Michelle Obama’s probably saying, but her eyes say otherwise. Also, Eric Holder, is pretending not to witness the smooth move that’s about to occur. And boom — the switch:

Of course, it could just be that people like Michelle Obama just make serious faces and sometimes serious faces look like mad faces, and journalists are just having fun in all the wrong places. Or maybe not…